Friday, December 9, 2011

Merry Christmas from the Neals

Merry Christmas everyone! Here's my finished art for the family Christmas card. It's a mite better than the Pokemon-style one I hacked out in Crayola pencils when I was thirteen. This time I'm using Prismacolor pencils, so it's bound to be classy, right? Honestly, though, I love my Prismacolors, even if they do break every time I sharpen them. They just give me so much control and are so creamy and vibrant on the paper. Well, here's me and the fam. Merry Christmas - a little early - from my family to yours.

Thursday, December 1, 2011

What the Dickens

Happy Christmas, everyone! I thought I'd kick off December with some sketches from the Dickens Fair. Twas a festive gala, with men in top hats, ladies in full skirts, and everyone in the mood for Christmasy fun.

Cheerful strumpets at Mad Sal's dockside alehouse

A musical performance at Mad Sal's
Couldn't make out the words over the din of the crowd,
but it looked like a fun song

A reveler at Fezziwig's Christmas party
How I longed for a pretty dress to waltz in,
not that the lack thereof kept me from waltzing my heart out

A special dance performance at Fezziwig's

A sprightly Irish dancer

These dapper gents treated us to an Irish softshoe number
 and the Highland Fling, respectively

A tiny girl sparring with her father at the sporting club
Easily the most adorable fencing lesson ever

An onlooker at Fezziwig's Christmas party
More men ought to wear tails; they make even the most
 average gent look very spiffy indeed

A darling girl in a spectacularly full skirt
What the sketch doesn't capture is that she had
 sparkles woven into her hair, in tiny braids and ringlets